Trump releases statement on Earth Day — but makes no mention of March for Science !!!!!

Our Nation is honored with bounteous common assets and stunning excellence. Americans are properly appreciative for these God-given endowments and have a commitment to protect them for who and what is to come. My Administration is focused on keeping our air and water clean, to safeguarding our backwoods, lakes, and open spaces, and to ensuring jeopardized species.

Monetary development improves natural insurance. We can and should ensure our condition without hurting America’s working families. That is the reason my Administration is lessening pointless weights on American laborers and American organizations, while being careful that our activities should likewise secure the earth.

Thorough science is basic to my Administration’s endeavors to accomplish the twin objectives of monetary development and natural security. My Administration is focused on progressing logical research that prompts a superior comprehension of our condition and of ecological dangers. As we do as such, we ought to recollect that thorough science depends not on philosophy, but rather on a soul of fair request and strong civil argument.

This April 22nd, as we watch Earth Day, I trust that our Nation can meet up to express gratefulness for the land we as a whole love and call home.


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