The Alexa effect: what we can expect from her new collection !!!!

Fashion has a million purported influencers, however just a single Alexa Chung. She put an era of millennials in Peter Pan collars, brought the Barbour coat resurrected to backstage at Glastonbury, and is the motivation behind why you have such a variety of sets of lower leg boots. So her Alexachung accumulation, which goes marked down 31 May, will hit your closet hard. Here are our forecasts for the three courses in which Alexa will affect your mid year 2017 look, in light of examination of her Vogue uncover.

 The hoodie midi dress will be this year’s alpha Glastonbury look

Alexa’s closest companion Pixie Geldof is shot for Vogue wearing a hooded jasmine-printed crepe dress by Alexachung. Which deciphers as: hooded dresses will be to 2017 what brush off shirts and high-waisted denim shorts were to 2016. The dress is £485, which is very steep. Then again, a Vetements hoodie dress like the one Rihanna has is £1,090.

Alexa Chung in a Cheongsam dress. Photograph: alexachung/instagram



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