The 5 foods to avoid if you want a six pack

1. Refined grains

Not certain what a refined grain is? It’s a fixing found in nourishments like white rice, white bread, and consistent white pasta. The foul stuff (entire wheat, darker rice and quinoa) is constantly more beneficial. Pennsylvania State University analysts found that individuals who ate entire grains notwithstanding keeping a solid eating regimen—of organic products, vegetables, low-fat dairy and protein—lost more weight from the stomach range the gathering of individuals who kept the same sound eating routine yet ate every single refined grain.

2. Potato items

A review distributed in the New England Journal of Medicine took after the weight changes of more than 120,000 men and ladies for up to 20 years. The members were checked at regular intervals and, by and large, they increased 3.35 pounds each time—so right around 17 pounds when the review was done. The nourishments related with the best weight pick up? You got it—potato chips and potatoes.


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