Hockey: A semi-final shock Canada-Russia.

Canada and Russia, which everyone saw fighting for the gold of the 2017 World Cup, will meet in the semifinals on Saturday (15:15 on RTS Two) in Cologne. The other poster will also pit regulars of the podium, Sweden and Finland (19:15 on RTS Two).
For 10 years, the Russians have won 4 titles and the Canadiens 3, the last 2. It is a faux-pas of the Russians against the United States in chicken which resulted in this final before the letter. The style opposition between East Europeans and North Americans should give a spectacular match.

Even with their 100% NHL selection, the Canadians had to battle several times in their group in Paris and even lost a match against Switzerland (3-2 ap). In the quarter-finals, the Germans made the suspense last until the end by only losing 2-1.

Among the Russians, it is also a NHL player, Artemi Panarine, who breaks the screen. The Chicago Blackhawks striker is the tournament’s top scorer with 14 points (4 goals, 10 assists), just ahead of his team-mate Nikita Koutcherov of the Tampa Bay Lightning.


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